Telluride Housing Department

Shandoka Apartments Wide View

The Telluride Housing Department provides year-round housing for employees who work within the boundaries of the Telluride R-1 School District. All housing developments have been constructed by the Telluride Housing Authority. Shandoka Apartments consists of 134 apartments, a daycare facility, four laundry facilities and offices for administrations and maintenance. Virginia Placer includes 18 apartments, three tiny homes, and a boarding house with capacity for 46 occupants.

The members of the Telluride Town Council sit as the THA Board of Directors and the Town of Telluride manages the property on behalf of THA. The administrative office is shared with the San Miguel Regional Housing Authority.

Applicants or Current Residents with questions are encouraged to call the Telluride Housing Department Office at 970-728-3034 x 1.

Application and Forms:

Virginia Placer Lottery:

The List of approved applications for the Virginia Placer Apartments

and Tiny Homes Rental Lottery

Lottery Drawing Results

The Telluride Housing Department will conduct a lottery to select the residents of the Virginia Placer Apartments and Tiny Homes. The office will be accepting fully completed applications between January 16, 2018 and February 9, 2018. The lottery selection will occur on February 16, 2018 at 12 noon at Rebekah Hall, 113 W. Columbia Ave., Telluride.  Applicants who are selected will be given the choice of their apartment or tiny home in the order in which they are drawn. The winners of the lottery will be able to begin renting their new apartments at the beginning of April 2018.

The anticipated opening of the Boarding House is May 2018. Stay tuned for more information.

To apply for the Virginia Placer Apartments and Tiny Homes Lottery:

  1. View the Timeline to be aware of important dates and deadlines, including the application deadline, appeal deadline and site tour dates.
  2. Complete the Application Packet.
  3. Complete the Lottery Questionnaire.
  4. Turn in your completed Application Packet and Lottery Questionnaire by 12 noon February 9, 2018 to the Telluride Housing Department Office.

Current Residents: