Community Assistance, Arts & Special Events


Recommends annual funding allocations to the Town Council for community support organizations, arts organizations, and special events and administers Town policy for special events, including the establishment of the special events policies and yearly special events calendar and consideration of applications for street closures and banners.  Usually meets the first Wednesday of the month at noon.

Community Assistance, Arts & Special Events (CCAASE)
Telluride Municipal Code Chapter 2, Article 6


The Town of Telluride Commission for Community Assistance, Arts and Special Events usually meets the first Wednesday of each month at noon at Rebekah Hall.

Agendas & Packets


  • Wyndi Nelson, Chair (term expires 4/2019)
  • Sasha Sullivan, Vice Chair (term expires 2/2019)
  • Pepper Raper (term expires 2/2019)
  • Paul Reich, School District Admin. Rep. (term expires 1/2018)
  • Amy Sieving, Health and Human Services Rep. (term expires 8/2018)
  • Will Thompson, 1st alternate (term expires 2/2020)
  • Matt Lynch, 2nd alternate (term expires 6/2019)
  • DeLanie Young, Town Council Liaison (term expires 11/2019)