Wildlife Information

Sharing Our Space - Wildlife Tips & Regulations

The Town of Telluride is located in a black bear habitat area and has been visited by bears many times. The town’s first priority is to protect the public, but we would like to be able to do that without unduly harming wildlife.

Protecting Your Property

First and foremost, lock your trash container! According to Telluride Municipal Code 7.04.230 and 7.12.030 amended on June 03, 2008, any refuse container that contains refuse that is attractive to bears or other wildlife shall be secured with a locking mechanism except when refuse is being deposited. 

  • The animal resistant polycart must have an attached lockable reinforced lid and a two-latch locking mechanism that prevents access to the contents by wildlife.
  •  Polycarts shall have the street address and unit number of each entity using the polycart permanently affixed to the container in legible white letters and digits two inches in height.

Failure to comply with the wildlife protection ordinance can result in a fine of $250 for the first offense; $500 for a second offense; a third offense will result in a summons to appear in Municipal Court.

 If your container has been damaged, call the town Public Works Department at (970) 728-8415, if you have a town issued polycart. If your trash goes into a commercial dumpster make sure that it is properly latched. If your dumpster is damaged call your trash hauler. Their number should be posted on the dumpster.