Business Licenses

Licensing Requirements

We welcome your business to Telluride. To assist you in business planning, we offer the following information.

Telluride has a business license law that mandates the licensing of persons doing business within Telluride town limits (Telluride Municipal Code Section 6-1-10 through 6-1-100) and Lawson Hill. Non-profits are exempt from this requirement. 

Business license proceeds are distributed to the visitors bureau

  • Marketing Telluride, Inc., for regional marketing (74%)
  • 15% Reserve Capital Improvement Fund
  • Open Space Fund (5%)
  • Town administration (6%)


The Town of Telluride uses a 3rd party program, MUNIRevs to:

  • Process business license applications
  • Renewal of business licenses
  • Sales and excise tax licenses and remittance

Visit the Telluride MUNIRevs website to start an application or renewal of a business license. 

For assistance creating your MUNIRevs account or connecting to your existing business account, please contact the MUNIRevs Support Department at (888) 751-1911.

Short-Term Rentals 

A short-term rental is a rental for less than thirty days (1-29 days). A business license and tax remittance is required on all short-term rentals. 

The cap on short-term rental licenses expired on November 2, 2023. New short-term rental business license applications will be processed beginning November 3, 2023. 2023 licenses will be processed under the 2023 licensing and pricing structure and will expire 12/31/2023.    

The Town will implement new short-term rental licensing software in January/February 2024 with new licensing categories, pricing, and compliance requirements. Please see Town Ordinance 1578 for additional information. 2024 renewals will be available as soon as possible in 2024, but not prior to 12/31/2023.

Note: For information regarding Telluride sales taxes, please contact the Finance Director at (970) 728-2163, or visit the Finance Department.