Liquor Licenses

General Licensing Information

A liquor license or permit is required for any sales or service of alcoholic beverages to the public. Colorado liquor and beer licenses are issued by "dual" licensing authorities: The Town of Telluride and the State of Colorado. All applications for liquor licenses or permits are filed with the town. If approved by the town, your application will be forwarded to the state for their approval.

Liquor License & Permit Renewals

View information on liquor licenses and permit renewals.

Types of Liquor Licenses

Descriptions of the types of licenses available in Colorado are available on the Colorado Department of Revenue website. For detailed information about applying for a liquor license, see:

  • Art Gallery Permits – To serve complimentary alcohol at a business that qualifies as an art gallery
  • Retail Liquor Licenses – For all types of commercial liquor licenses, including taverns, restaurants, retail liquor stores, and more
  • Special Event Permits – For non-profit corporations or certain other qualified entities to sell or serve alcohol

Training Workshops

The Town of Telluride requires all liquor license holders and managers to attend a state-approved Responsible Vendor alcohol training workshop at their own expense. Managers of special events are also required to attend liquor workshops.  Liquor training is required every two years, and all owners and premises managers must complete a liquor training within 90 days of the issuance of a license.  A list of approved courses may be found online.

Required Filings

You must notify the Town of any change in ownership, management, physical premise, or location.

Colorado State Liquor Law