Special Event Applications

Event Applications

New event applicants (applicants who did not use town park facilities in the previous year applied for), or existing events requesting a change in date that want to use Town Park facilities must be granted venue approval by the Parks and Recreation Commission prior to applying to CCAASE for approval. New event applicants that request the use of Town facilities may be required to provide a resume, references, proof of ability to organize the event and make a presentation to CCAASE.

Town Ordinance requires events of 3,000 or more total participants to apply by the deadline for the regular CCAASE calendar date application process.


  • CCAASE should receive applications by 5:00 pm on May 12, 2023, for consideration for the 2024 calendar. After that date, CCAASE will consider applications on a monthly basis.
  • Only special events may apply for a calendar date.
  • Applications will be accepted from organizations and individuals that provide educational, artistic, entertainment, and cultural programs and opportunities in which Town of Telluride residents/workforce participate.
  • CCAASE will review and establish the calendar at their regular meeting on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, at noon at Rebekah Hall. CCAASE will endeavor to treat all event applicants in a fair and equitable manner with regards to Calendar Date allocations.
  • New events must provide management resume, proof of ability to organize the event in Telluride, the reason for choosing Telluride as a location, a description of a target audience, educational programs, economic/environmental/community impacts, cultural benefits, number of expected attendees and parking, traffic and general impact mitigation.
  • All applications must be complete in order to be considered.
  • Approval of a date application does not constitute approval for use of any Town property or facility. Calendar date holders must apply for use of facilities by completing a facility reservation form. Reservation forms are available on the Town's website and at the Parks and Recreation Offices in Town Park. 
  • Events occurring within the Town limits have priority.
  • The review criteria are not weighted or prioritized.

Review Criteria

  • Length of time in existence on the requested date or weekend
  • Longevity of event in Town
  • Longevity of organization in Town
  • Value to the community:
    • Cultural
    • Economic
    • Environmental
    • Social
  • Impact on community:
    • Infrastructure
    • Environment
    • Economy
  • Change to existing events or new events:
    • Proximity to other events
    • Impact on other events with regards to economics, infrastructure, and available venues
    • Similar events
    • Crowd size
  • Fulfills requirements of Town contracts and Special Event Policies