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2024 Colorado Avenue Banner Permit


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    1. Description

          Applicants must be 18 years or older.

          Events must be on the CCAASE Calendar to hang banners across Colorado Ave.

          Banners are for special events only.

          Commercial advertisements/logos, web addresses, contact information, street addresses, and individual’s names (which are not part of the event name or sponsoring organization’s name) are not allowed.

          Applicants should apply for banner display at least 30 working days prior to the date they wish to hang the banner.  Banner Agreements must be approved before banner display is permitted. 

          If sharing banner space is approved by CCAASE, a maximum of two (2) banners may be strung horizontally, end to end only, across Colorado Avenue. Stacking of banners is not permitted. 

          Banners must be hung on the existing wire and must be connected to the designated hardware. 

          Banners may be requested to be hung starting at noon the day before CCAASE dates begin until noon on the date after CCAASE dates end.

          Banners must be removed by noon on the final display date.



      Time Up:
      no earlier than noon on __________

      Time Down:
      by noon on ____________

      Copy emailed:

      Resource Calendar:

      Your banner will be co-hung with the following organization(s): Please coordinate your schedule and efforts.

    3. All required fields are indicated with an (*).

    4.  Events must be on the CCAASE Calendar to hang banners across Colorado Ave.

    5. No more than one day prior to start of CCAASE dates.

    6. No more than one day after CCAASE dates end.

    7. Maximum dimensions are 4'x25'. 

      Banners must be at least 18 feet above Main Street to allow for truck clearance.  Maximum banner size is 4 feet high by 25 feet wide.   Banners must be 4 feet high to accommodate co-hanging banners.

    8. Must be 18 years or older