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  1. Tobacco Product Retail License Application

    Application - Tobacco Product Retail License

Feedback / Comments

  1. Comments / Feedback Form

    Provide comments or feedback to the Town of Telluride.


  1. Direct Withdrawal

    To pay your utility bill by direct withdrawl from your checking account

  2. Tenant Change Form

    To change billing information into new tenants name(s) and address.

  1. Owner Change of Address Form

    Property owners please use this form to change your billing address for your water, sewer, and trash bill.


  1. Dog Rule Violation Complaint

    A complaint form for violations of any Town of Telluride dog rules.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Calendar Date Application Form

    Application for a date on the CCAASE Calendar

  1. Campground Check-In

    (Step 3) Town of Telluride Campground Check-In Submittal completes registration process


  1. Shandoka Maintenance Request

    Online Maintenance Request Form for Shandoka Apartments

Town Clerk

  1. Boards & Commissions Application

    Application for boards, commissions, and committees of the Town of Telluride

  1. Records Request Form

    Online form for submitting a written request for public records.