Goals & Objectives

  1. 2023 Town Council Goals & Objectives
  2. Town Council Values

2023 Town Council Goals and Objectives

I. Preserve Community

A. Pursue Affordable Housing Opportunities

  1. Implement existing projects
    1. Complete design and construction of Virginia Placer Phase 2A Project.
    2. Commence construction on Voodoo Lounge, include deed-restricted commercial space.
  2. Plan and prioritize future projects
    1. Complete planning for Shandoka Phase 3 remodel/replacement
    2. Complete design and commence construction on Canyonlands/Tower House Project
    3. Complete conceptual plan for parking structure/housing project on Shandoka Lot L.
    4. Consider other Town properties for utilization for housing
    5. Continue to pursue land banking opportunities for housing
  3. Evaluate financial assistance available to support ongoing affordable housing needs
  4. Foster regional collaboration
    1. Continue to explore partnerships with regional jurisdictions to coordinate housing plans and potentially develop housing collaboratively

B. Promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  1. Establish coordinated strategic plan for workplace diversity and inclusion
    1. Conduct study and analysis to determine scope of need for any changes
    2. Develop initiatives and address policies or practices affecting diversity, equity, and inclusion
    3. Implement initiatives, measure results, and evaluate plan
  2. Identify and address barriers for residents interacting with Town government and services

C. Utilize Land Use Planning to Protect the Character of Our Community

  1. Update the Telluride Comp Plan
  2. Begin implementation of Southwest Area Conceptual Plan
  3. Evaluate and adopt changes to Land Use Code that encourage long-term affordable housing
  4. Monitor policies to limit construction impact on community
  5. Implement adjustments to Land Use Code to enhance manageability and functionality

D. Provide Consistent Outreach to the Public

  1. Create and implement Annual Community Survey
  2. Create and distribute Annual Housing Report, collaborate regionally as possible
  3. Improve way-finding signage
  4. Implement regular community communications on key issues
  5. Evaluate effectiveness of Town government communications and create multi-tiered public engagement strategy

II. Protect Health and Quality of Life

A. Implement Environmental Action Agenda

  1. Implement priority elements of the adopted 2022 Climate Action Plan
  2. Assess net-zero and carbon-neutral goals in existing and future projects
  3. Promote responsible resource recovery in town operations and public
  4. Evaluate forest health and fire mitigation techniques for implementation

B. Promote Mental Health and Wellbeing

  1. Support mental health first aid trainings and help promote resource availability
  2. Participate in regional mental health programs
  3. Promote health and wellness of Town employees through policy and programs
  4. Survey the community regarding interest in developing a Recreation Center, along with willingness to fund. If interest is high, issue a RFP for rec center feasibility study, site alternatives and conceptual design, along with financial modeling and funding alternatives with partners

III. Address Critical Infrastructure Needs

A. Address Water & Wastewater Infrastructure and Funding Needs

  1. Finalize design for upgraded wastewater treatment plant and begin first phase of construction
  2. Evaluate potential for creation of a Sanitation Authority with regional partners
  3. Develop comprehensive funding plan with Mountain Village for critical rehab/expansion of Wastewater Treatment Plant
  4. Improve condition of aging water treatment infrastructure

B. Refine and Evaluate Parking Plans Regionally

  1. Evaluate Silver Jack parking technology, utilization and rate structure
  2. Implement measures to address on‐street parking issues, technology and overnight parking demands
  3. Develop conceptual plans for a Southwest Area community parking facility

C. Address Municipal Buildings, Infrastructure, and Funding Requirements

  1. Complete a municipal facilities master plan addressing future staff space needs, equipment storage needs and training space needs.
  2. Develop comprehensive funding strategy for three (3) municipal buildings, Virginia Placer 2, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Gondola, Pacific Avenue and Mahoney Bridge. Fully analyze bonding capacity of town.
  3. Pay off all Valley Floor Open Space bonds
  4. With public input, consider redirecting the current mandated 20% open space funds toward new community priorities and needs.

D. Implement Town Parks Master Plan as Funding is Available

E. Participate in Long-Range Gondola Planning

F. Support Broadband Infrastructure Improvements

G. Address Accessibility for All

  1. Finalize design and begin construction of Pacific Avenue and bikeway re-alignment project (part of SWAP), Mahoney Dr. to Davis St.
  2. As a primary bike commuter and transit route, implement surface and accessibility upgrades along Pacific Avenue from Mahoney Dr. to Town Park
  3. Address all sidewalk and curb safety issues along Colorado Ave. along with proper accessible ramps where feasible. Include accessible sidewalk ramps, curb and sidewalk repair at other public priority locations in town such as the medical center, elementary school, Town Hall, Rebekah Hall, Marshal’s office.
  4. Improve in-town accessibility for wheelchairs, strollers, children on bikes, and all users along River Trail.

IV. Cultivate Economic Sustainability and A Thriving Commercial Core

A. Evaluate Efforts of Marking and Tourism Activities

  1. Host an annual Council retreat with the Telluride Tourism Board
  2. Regularly evaluate the Telluride Tourism Board (TTB) service agreement and take input from stakeholders to ensure the marketing strategies are meeting community needs.
  3. Issue RFP for a community Destination Stewardship Plan

B. Community Sustainability

  1. Prior to November 2023, develop full spectrum of STR policy. Issue RFP to analyze the economic impact of short-term rentals in Telluride, along with impact on long-term housing.