Goals & Objectives

  1. Town Council Values
  2. 2022 Goals and Objectives


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Promote open communication, transparency, and partnerships with community members and stakeholders.

DYNAMIC ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT: Cultivate a dynamic and diverse economic development environment to strengthen the local economy and ensure the Telluride region’s long‐term success.

FINANCIAL SOUNDNESS AND OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: Ensure Telluride’s long‐term economic viability and organizational success through reliable financial controls, work systems, and processes.

FIRST-RATE INFRASTRUCTURE: Provide high‐quality transportation, water, and wastewater services and facilities to meet Telluride’s current and future needs.

QUALITY WORKFORCE: Ensure Telluride’s long‐term success by attracting, retaining, and empowering an inclusive and diverse workforce that delivers excellent service.

REGIONAL COOPERATION: Provide leadership and influence to promote the region’s successes and ensure cooperation with our regional partners.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: Ensure the safety and security of individuals and property for those who live in, visit, and play in Telluride.

SUPERIOR QUALITY OF LIFE: Provide for an exceptional quality of life for Telluride residents through high development standards, protection of public health, and vibrant and sustainable opportunities.