When does my business license expire?

All business licenses expire December 31st and must be renewed January 1st.  Payment for business licenses is due no later than January 6th.

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1. How much does a business license cost?
2. When does my business license expire?
3. What if I only do business at the end of the year? Will my license be prorated?
4. My office is not located in town. Do I need a license?
5. What if I ship goods to Telluride through a common carrier, I don’t advertise my business in town, and I don’t have any kind of physical presence? Do I need a business license?
6. I’m registered with the State of Colorado. Isn’t that all I need?
7. I’m no longer doing business in Telluride, and/or I sold my house/condo. Is there anything I need to do?
8. I’m selling my business/home/condo. Can the new owner take over my MUNIRevs account?
9. My house/condo is in the Residential Zone. I did my MUNIRevs paperwork and have been waiting for an approval so I can pay for my license. What’s the hold up?
10. What are the restrictions for short-term rentals in the Residential Zone?
11. I don’t have a computer. Can I just fill out paperwork to apply for my business license?