Building Codes

Current Codes

The Town of Telluride Building Codes are regulated through the Town of Telluride Municipal Code, Chapter 15: Telluride Municipal Code.

Quick Reference (effective February 18, 2020) per Ordinance 1502

International Building Code (2018)

International Residential Code (2018)

International Existing Building Code (2018)

International Mechanical Code (2018)

International Fuel Gas Code (2018)

International Existing Building Code (2018)

International Property Maintenance Code (2018)

The Town of Mountain Village Building Department administers the Electrical & Plumbing Codes (970-728-1392)  

International Plumbing Code (2018)

International Electrical Code (2017)

The Telluride Fire District Administers the Fire Codes (970-728-3801)

International Fire Code (2018)

Additional Information

Wind 70

Snow Load 75

Exposure B

To purchase any International Code Books, please visit the International Code Council.