Invasive Weed Management

Protecting Our Environment

The Town of Telluride works cooperatively with the San Miguel County Weed Program to protect the integrity of the Bear Creek Preserve and better manage invasive weeds on public lands. In the spring of 2004, Colorado’s Noxious Weed Act was strengthened, requiring the removal of certain noxious weeds by all landowners. In the summer of 2004, the town initiated an aggressive weed management campaign that integrates hand pulling, spraying herbicides when needed, and planting native grasses. These local weed management and eradication efforts have greatly reduced the invasive weeds in Telluride.

Some of the most pervasive weeds in this area are Dames Rocket, Oxeye Daisy, Yellow Toadflax, Cypress Spurge, White Top, and Scentless Chamomile. When weeds are hand-pulled, it is best to put them in plastic bags and then into the trash. Do not compost the plant material as the seeds may be viable.

For More Information

If you have questions about weeds on your property, you can contact the San Miguel County weed coordinator at (970) 327-0399.