Street Maintenance

The Town of Telluride Public Works Department is in charge of the care and maintenance of the Town's streets and sidewalks throughout the year. At the heart of our picturesque town lies a network of streets and sidewalks that not only connect our community but also serve as vital arteries for transportation, recreation, and commerce. 

Visit this page frequently to get the latest updates and information on ongoing and upcoming projects related to the maintenance, paving, and enhancement of our streets and sidewalks. Our commitment to preserving and improving these essential elements of our town is rooted in our dedication to enhancing safety, accessibility, and the overall quality of life for our residents and visitors alike. Discover how the Telluride Public Works Department is working tirelessly to ensure that our streets and sidewalks continue to be a source of pride for our beloved community.

  1. Current Paving Projects
  2. Previous 2023 Paving Projects

October 5 & 9, 2023

The Town of Telluride will begin mill patching and paving operations on several streets throughout town on Thursday, October 5. Streets and intersections to be treated include N. Davis Street, W Colorado Ave & Davis Street intersection, S. Davis Street, N. Townsend to W. Galena Ave, and N Oak Street. Intermittent lane and road closures will occur throughout the week to allow milling and paving without limiting public access to town. Detours will be set up around operations to account for road and lane closures. 

  • Thursday, October 5: Milling to take place and streets to reopen to traffic after milling is complete on each section.
  • Monday, October 9: Paving and patching to take place until all milled roads are restored.

The paving map for this project is below:

Telluride Paving Operations - October 5 & 9

Street sweeping truck

Street Sweeping

The Town of Telluride has a town-wide street sweeping program that provides for town streets to be swept approximately two hundred and thirty days a year. This effort removes between 750 and 1200 cubic yards of sediment from our streets each year, greatly improving our air and water quality. The town utilizes two Tennant Company mechanical sweepers.

The street sweeping program includes early morning (5:00 am) street sweeping of the Colorado Avenue downtown area on both Monday and Friday mornings nine months a year. The remainder of the streets in town are swept on an as-needed and time available basis.


The Town of Telluride strives to be a pedestrian-friendly place. The design, upkeep, and maintenance of the sidewalks in town is therefore important.

The Town of Telluride Municipal Code requires that owners of property in town are responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and snow removal of the sidewalks adjacent to their property. The Town of Telluride's street scape design standards dictate the location and elevation of all new or replaced sidewalks. These design standards have also brought about the return of the ‘historic’ scoring pattern for all town sidewalks.

Snow Plowing

The Town of Telluride Public Works Department spends considerable time and resources plowing and hauling snow within the Town of Telluride. Priorities include both the West and East Colorado Avenue spurs, downtown Colorado Avenue, the Galloping Goose bus loop, school drop off areas, and the bicycle path.

Snow plowing is performed on the Colorado Avenue spur whenever there is two inches of snow and around town when there are two to four inches of snow. The town utilizes Ice Ban, a product with corn based inhibitors, on the West Colorado Avenue spur. Gravel is used on the streets in town.