Animal Control


The Marshal's Department employs a full time Animal Control / Code Enforcement officer and we contract these services to the Mt. Village Police Department and the San Miguel County Sheriff's Department.  

Responsible Dog Ownership in the Town of Telluride

Dogs are very important to people and provide numerous benefits, so it is well worth the effort to solve associated problems. As a public service, the Town of Telluride provides dog pickup bags in 35 locations throughout town where dogs are often walked. Please take advantage of these bags and remind others to do the same.

Dogs that bark incessantly, run unsupervised, attack other dogs, cats, or even children inevitably cause friction where there would otherwise be harmony. The Marshal’s Department receives complaints regularly on this kind of dispute. Having your pets spayed or neutered can really help decrease the tension of animals living in close proximity. Numerous pets each year are abandoned due to our transient human population. This is a very cruel manner in which to dispose of an unwanted pet, and it happens all too frequently. Please think carefully about the responsibility involved before you adopt a dog or cat.

If you would like to make a complaint regarding a dog defecating violation, please fill out the Dog Complaint form.

Thanks for helping to make Telluride a dog and people friendly community!


  • Any dog residing within town limits must be licensed with the current license tag attached to the dog's collar.
  • Licenses are issued for each calendar year.
  • The cost of a license is $60 for breed-able and $20 for spayed or neutered dogs.
  • You must show current rabies vaccination paperwork to receive a license tag, which is issued at the Telluride Marshal's Office, at 134 South Spruce Street.
  • Visiting dogs are also required to have proof of current rabies vaccination.


In addition to areas designated as “Puppy Parking”, dogs may be hitched to public property or in public areas as long as they do not disrupt bicycle, pedestrian, or vehicular traffic and as long as they do not cause a nuisance.

No dog may be hitched to a fire hydrant, in a fire lane, in a public road, or such that the animal strays into such areas.

Hitching for more than 2 hours in a twelve-hour period, leaving an unattended animal hitched to a vehicle, and hitching on private property without permission are all strictly prohibited.


No owner shall fail to keep a dog on a leash within Town Park or in the area between Columbia Avenue and Pacific Street.

A leash must be attached to the dog and be held by the owner or their representative.

Harassment of Wildlife

No owner shall knowingly or negligently allow a dog to harass wildlife, whether the wildlife is actually injured or not.


The Telluride Marshal's Department is authorized to impound dogs that are in violation of any applicable laws.

No dog shall be released from impoundment until all fees are paid.

A $60 pickup fee, plus a fee of $30 per day of impoundment shall accrue.

Prohibited Activities

Excessive barking, trashing, threatening and vicious behavior, and defecating on public property unless immediately picked up or private property without the property owner’s permission.

In addition, unspayed dogs in estrus are required to be suitably confined in a secure location so as not to cause a public nuisance.

Regulations in their entirety are found in the Telluride Municipal Code in Chapter 7, Article 6.

Animal fines double if not paid prior to the court date.

Running at Large

No owner shall permit any dog to run at large within the Town.

A dog is at large if the owner is not present or cannot see the dog.

Dogs outside the leash area must be under voice control.