Parking Permit Information

Parking Management

The high demand for business and resident parking in the residential / business area surrounding the downtown core and gondola area make it difficult for businesses and residents of these areas to find parking when they need it.

To help solve problems like this, and as an effort to reduce in-town traffic congestion, the Town of Telluride established the green (G) permits zone, and south Oak Street (O) zone, the warehouse permit zone (W), and the accommodations zone (A).

How to Get a Permit

  • Information on applying for 2021-2022 O Zone Permits is available here.
  • Information on applying for 2021-2022 W Zone Permits is available here.
  • Information on applying for Service Permits is available here.

Permit Applications for Residental "A", "G", "S" and "B" Zones are available on our website or at the Marshal's Office.

Permit Applications for Business "A", "G", "S", Centerlane and Silverjack Garage Business Parking are available on our website or at the Marshal's Office. 

The completed Permit Application with all the required information and payment can be brought in to the office located at 134 South Spruce Street or sent to The Telluride Marshal's Department at PO Box 372, Telluride, CO 81435.

You may also email the application form and supporting documentation to Kalli Baillargeon  and you will be called for a credit card payment if approved.

Permit Parking Zones

Permit parking zones have been used in towns nationwide and are implemented in neighborhoods that are or are adjacent to major activity centers (commercial cores, transportation systems, universities, high schools, ski areas) to address problems of parking availability and impacts associated with commercial and commuter parking associated with these activities.

These zones typically restrict parking to permit holders (area residents or businesses) or allow parking for the general public on streets posted with “Pay to Park” signs, with an exception granted to permit holders. The information below explains how the permit and time-exempt program works and how it will affect you.