Ticketing & Towing

A typical Telluride streetWinter Parking Regulations

Winter parking regulations are in effect in the Town of Telluride annually from November 1 through April 1. The requirement to plow snow, cut ice from curb and gutters, and to make the streets passable during the winter season necessitates parking restrictions at this time of year. The Public Works Department requires greater access to the public right of way during this time of year to accomplish this task and parking restrictions are posted on every thoroughfare in town. With few exceptions, vehicles parked on the public right of way during the winter season are required, at a minimum, to be moved every 72 hours. Parking regulations vary for each block, so please be sure to check the posted signs before leaving your vehicle on a public street.

Ticketing & Towing

As a matter of enforcement policy, vehicles parked in violation of posted signs will be ticketed. The Marshal's Department only tows cars that are parked in violation of snow regulations when requested to do so by the Public Works Department. Public Works crews will advise us when they intend to plow snow, cut ice or conduct other winter maintenance operations and this assessment is often made on the morning that this activity will occur. Clear, sunny weather should not be used as a gauge to determine if winter parking regulations are in effect. Public Works crews often are required to cut ice in clear weather to prevent sidewalk flooding and other hazards from developing. If the posted signs are visible, find another location to park your vehicle.

Folding Winter Parking Signs

In 2000, the Town of Telluride installed winter parking regulation signs that had the capability of being closed to a non-enforceable position. These folding signs were created to ease parking restrictions during low snowfall years. Winter parking signs will be closed into a non-enforceable position if Public Works crews do not intend to conduct winter maintenance operations on the day in which a sign would be enforceable. Or, the parking sign may be closed after a street has been plowed so that additional parking may be made available upon the completion of maintenance operations.

Parking signs are opened to an enforceable position at least 72 hours before the posted regulation is in effect, in order that proper notice is provided to the parking public. If your car was towed for winter street maintenance, and you return to find the signs closed into a non-enforceable position, this is most likely the reason. Please pay attention to the posted signs in each block before leaving your vehicle parked on a public street during the winter season.

Scofflaw Violations

Failure to pay parking tickets will result in overdue notices being sent to the registered owner of a vehicle. The accumulation of three or more unpaid and overdue parking tickets will result in the vehicle being posted to the Marshal's Department Scofflaw List. Under Municipal Ordinance, a vehicle may be impounded or booted under these circumstances.