Renewals & Required Filings

Renewal of Liquor License

  • Renewal forms are sent to licensees by the State, approximately ninety days (90) prior to expiration.
  • Submit completed renewal form to the Town Clerk's office at least 45 days prior to expiration.
  • There is a $10/day penalty for renewals submitted less than 45 days before expiration.
  • Contact the Town Clerk's office, at 728-2158, if you lost or did not receive a renewal form.
  • Failure to renew by the expiration date will result in the loss of the license.

Renewal of Art Gallery Permit

File a renewal with the Town by submitting an Art Gallery Permit Application at least 15 days before your current permit expires.

Required Filings:

You must notify and receive approval from the Town and the State of any change in ownership, management, physical premise, or location.

Modification of Premise

Permit Application & Report of Changes (DR 8442): BEFORE making any substantial alteration you must apply for and receive prior written consent of the Liquor Licensing Authority and the State Department of Revenue. This includes the creation or relocation of a common entryway or doorway, bar, etc. Should you have questions as to whether your alteration is subject to reporting, please call the Town Clerk's office. Application for modification of premise should be submitted to the Town.

Trade Name Change

Permit Application & Report of Changes (DR 8442): The business name, commonly known as the trade name or "d/b/a" must be properly listed on licenses. If exterior signs are posted, they too must properly reflect the correct business name. Application to change the name or trade name must be made to the local and state licensing authorities not less than 10 days prior to the change of name, through the Town Clerk's office.

Transfer of Ownership or Changes in Holding Structure

Retail License Application (DR 8404): In cases of transfer of ownership occurring due to the sale of a business or change in ownership structure, a transfer of liquor license may be applied for from the Liquor Licensing Authority and the State Department of Revenue. The process is similar to the application for a new license except there are no public notice requirements. Application for a Town of Telluride Temporary Liquor License may be made for the bridge period through the Town Clerk's office upon the filing of a transfer application.

Corporate or LLC Change of Ownership, Change of Manager

Report of Changes Corporation, LLC, and Partnership (DR 8177): Within 30 days, report any changes in ownership or management to the Town of Telluride via a Limited Liability Company & Corporate Report of Changes form.