Trash & Recycling Services

Trash and Recycling Services

The town provides trash and recycling services through an independent contractor (currently Bruin Waste Management: 970-864-7531)

  • The town collects the fees for these services through their bi-monthly utility bills.
  • Recycling fees are part of the trash fees for residential customers and a separate fee for commercial customers.
  • There is an opt-out process available for residents who prefer to have a private contract for trash services with either the town's contractor or with an another contractor. 
  • Customers may choose an independent recycling service, but will still be charged a minimum fee on their utility bill.
  • Commercial trash services are all provided by private contract.
  • Trash Receptacle Requirements

Trash & Recycling Fee Schedule

To find the fee schedule, please call the Finance Department (970) 728-2162 or visit the Water, Sewer & Resource Recovery Billing page.