Trash & Recycling Services

Trash Services

The town provides trash services through an independent contractor (currently Bruin Waste Management: 970-864-7531). The town collects the fees for these services through their bi-monthly utility bills. There is an opt-out process available for residents who prefer to have a private contract for trash services with either the town's contractor or with an another contractor. Commercial trash services are all provided by private contract.

Recycling Services

The town provides recycling services for both residential and commercial customers. Recycling fees are a part of trash fees for residential customers and are separate fees for commercial customers. Customers may choose an independent recycling provider, but will still be charged a minimum recycling fee on their utility bill. Please refer to the Telluride Residential Curbside Recycling for recycling guidelines. Thank you for recycling!

Trash & Recycling Fee Schedule

To find the fee schedule, establish, or change Trash and Recycling service, please call the Finance Department (970) 728-2162 or visit the Water, Sewer & Resource Recovery Billing page.