Boarding House

The Boarding House is a unique opportunity to live in a communal environment, while enjoying all that Telluride has to offer. 


  • The Telluride Boarding House consists of 18 single occupancy units and 14 double occupancy units. 
  • The Boarding House has two large communal kitchens where cooking/baking utensils will be provided. 
  • All restrooms are shared and coed.
  • Each resident will be provided furnishings in their apartment, which include a bed with frame and mattress, free-standing closet, desk and chair, window blinds, window screen and a mini fridge.

Here are a few good things to know before applying to the Telluride Boarding House:

  • All units are furnished and do not have room for additional furniture. Therefore, please leave your three piece sofa in storage.
  • Each resident will be provided a ski locker in addition to their unit. These lockers do not come with locks, we recommend residents bring their own.
  • There is EXTREMELY LIMITED PARKING at the Boarding House. There are only 23 parking passes allotted for 46 residents. Do not bring a vehicle if at all possible. If you do bring a vehicle, understand that you may not receive a parking permit allowing you to park in the imminent vicinity of the Boarding House.
  • Occupancy of a shared rooms will be assigned per bed. If you are a single renter in a shared room, please note that management will fill the second bed with a second renter.
  • Applicants will only be considered if they are 18 years of age or older.
  • Absolutely no pets.
  • The Telluride Boarding House will provide a small amount of cooking supplies, however, tenants will be responsible for providing the majority of their own kitchen/restroom supplies. A list of what will be provided and what we recommend residents bring is listed below.
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