Fugitives / Sex Offenders

Colorado Bureau of Investigation Sex Offender Registry 

The goals of the CBI Sex Offender Registry include:

  • Citizen/Public Safety.
  • Deterrence of sex offenders for committing similar crimes.
  • Investigative tool for law enforcement.

How to Request A List of Adult Registrants

  • A person may request a list from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, by mail, or in person.
  • A request form must be filled out; these forms may be downloaded on the CBI website and are also available by mail or in person at CBI headquarters.
  • The CBI will forward the list of registrants to the requesting party within 10 business days.

Information Released

  • The requested list will only contain those persons who have been required by law to register as a sex offender and who are in compliance with Colorado sex offender registration laws.
  • The requested list will only contain those sex offenders who were convicted, as an adult, of a sex offense or sex offenses.
  • The requested list does not include persons who are on the sex offender registry solely for having been adjudicated or received dispositions as juveniles.
  • The information released shall include the following:
    • Name of registrant.
    • The registrant's date of birth.
    • Address or addresses of registrant.
    • The offense that led to the sex offender registration requirement.
    • The date of offense.
    • The date of conviction.
    • Alias names of the registrant.

Click here to request a list of adults registered as sex offenders with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.